Friday, October 16, 2009

"DESTROY" the glove? um... for real?

man... where do i start... one day i was waiting for jerbear and warren to show up to toon, and this character shows up and tells me i "need to DESTROY his glove" because its"evil"... and i was like, "ah....just throw it in the trash then"...but he insisted i get scissors and cut it up into tiny tiny pieces...which... i didnt want to do because, ONE that glove was scuzzy looking, and TWO i didnt want him to freak out after i did it... (three...what if it was really an evil glove)

anyway. he wouldnt leave until i did it, and i just kept putting it off... or changing the subject and i made a new friend! he had just recently poured a glass of water onto his psp and wanted to know if game stop would take it back... he works at hollywood and highland as vader! and i could go on for days... i know all about him now... we practically grew up together and are related... hah

anyway. warren and jeremy scared him away, and he left his crazy glove.. and also told me he didnt want the "funny picture" i drew of him...because he said, "it doesnt look human, looks like a cartoon"...

it now hangs on my ceiling above where i sleep every night......

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