Saturday, May 30, 2009

im just trying to do my job

illustration by warren babyface pemberton

i would have done it myself but at the time i was so....outraged.

today warren and i were at toon until jeremy got there at we decide to get coffee... in starbucks were always debating on whether or not we should buy this huge chocolate cake.... today we decided to buy a piece....

so im at the register, and i say "hey, can i get a grande americano, a piece of that chocolate cake and a venti cup of water please", this girl... who will remain un-named tells me "we cant give away venti cups, only the short ones" i say "oh no, its fine just charge me for it..." and she says "no, youre better off buying a bottle of water" (mind you, this water isnt even refrigerated or anything)....and i just say "okay..." then she says " IM JUST TRYING TO DO MY JOB..." and i literally said "what?...." and was like "whatever just give me a venti green tea" WHICH BY THE WAY SUCKED....

anyone who loves me should look at this picture long and hard and NOT go to this girl... because shes really mean.. and seriously, warren was with me and after we left we couldnt stop laughing at how ridiculous that girl was... what did IM JUST TRYING TO DO MY JOB have to do with anything....gahhhh.

babyface pemberton!

return of that stupid hobo.....
"hey warren, wanna play ninja"

ed the baby

baby ed!!!!!!

baby jeremy

heres one of my favorite people in the world, we were all feeling kinda weird today so i decided to draw everyone as a baby.... i drew jeremy's mouth really really small so he couldnt eat doritos or hot and i also created that purple haired hobo...

oh and baby jeremy loves fruit rollups.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

hat and glasses switch-a-roo!

iza didnt swap anything with us, but who cares.

meatball got her glasses!

GAH! i love my little meatball....
today my littlest baby sister got glasses and she looks so cute!
now together we have eight eyes.... isnt that cool!?
......not really????...................

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the cool cat keith


king louie and sauly wally

heres my family

heres my mom, me, miles, meatball, and kiki......

tyler, me, and ya boy brandeezy


heres a picture i drew of warren babyface pemberton as keroppi... i was just gonna draw his head, but in the nature of an annoying customer, at the last minute he decided to change it up on me... so i had to draw a body...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

from the dome

my friend heriberto had me draw him from memory the other day and it literally took me my entire shift at work...
the bottom one is from a long time ago and that was all i had to look at for reference...
the middle one was my sketched out version... i still think that ones kinda better than the final result...
and well the top is the finished product...
people were confused about this picture...i just told them hes a superhero who can ride a longboard and eat KFC all at once...they were amazed and jealous i knew such a person...

mawnstirrs and rowboughts

heres what ive been working on... i think im gonna paint a few of these little guys....


this is kinda old...but anyone who looks at my sketchbook really likes this page for some reason...

david the turd-le

here he is...david reyes...woo woo

my new friend shaun

potato head spuddd

chloe and emily

man these girls were so cute and such little sweethearts...and one of them was named chloe so you know shes cool....

they reminice over you

so i love these two....jay and rita...i grew up with rita and shes like a sister and best friend all in one...jay is her boyfriend whos very nice and super cool...they have intertwining fros....
theyre what i call LOVE FROZ...with a Z
love love love these two....

perritos para siempre!

the one on the bottom with sunglasses is babyface pemberton... tell me which ones you like guys!!!
that dog killer had me thinking of dogs all weekend long....geez.

killer the dog

i was at the mall having me and my momma was so funnn... AND we saw this guy with this awesome dog... the dog was so cute... and so freaking smart! this isnt even art but i thought it was really cool and wanted to share....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

friday is sunglasses day!

usually these guys wear that i work there they wanna wear sunnys like me...sheesh.

just kidding. i LOVE these fools!

last night at drink and draw

this is basically all i produced last night at drink and draw... cool right...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mindy,You've Got it Going On...

i just started this new job doing caricatures... and i was thinking of someone who'd be fun to draw and came up with the flight of the conchords guys because i missed one of my old coworkers... she loves these guys... found a caricature of them online and did it in my style... its not cheating either... im still in infant in the world of!


a friend of ariel!

Jeffrey and Ria!

such a cute couple....MORE cool canadians! sheesh!


another little sketch i did today...


a black and white sketch i did today! man. canadians are pretty cool!

David and Michele !

on the same day that i drew blake the cool kid below... i had the pleasure of meeting some really cool parents whom joe and i fell in love with....they were high school sweethearts and have the coolest story about how they met...

Blake !

this was from last week but ive been totally lagging on my like this guy make me wanna babysit everyone elses kids... so cool.