Monday, July 6, 2009

DUDE! My Sister Maile is BAD ASS!

so my sisters came to visit me at work and i went to meet them after i got off at toon booth, and warren wanted one of them to draw him... and so here's maile's caricature of warren, me? and falconer.... she really likes drawing demons? and so she made warren into one... hah.

she had so much fun...and she must have liked warren because check out that sick ass six pack she gave him...

i think im gonna make them an art blog??? = ]


  1. I heart the awesome Chloe!!! I miss you Chloe!

  2. that sounds awesome!!! i don't know when I'll be up there!!! hey don't you have my number? call me some time dam it!

  3. cell: 323 977-2761 ! call and then leave a message please... :D