Saturday, May 30, 2009

im just trying to do my job

illustration by warren babyface pemberton

i would have done it myself but at the time i was so....outraged.

today warren and i were at toon until jeremy got there at we decide to get coffee... in starbucks were always debating on whether or not we should buy this huge chocolate cake.... today we decided to buy a piece....

so im at the register, and i say "hey, can i get a grande americano, a piece of that chocolate cake and a venti cup of water please", this girl... who will remain un-named tells me "we cant give away venti cups, only the short ones" i say "oh no, its fine just charge me for it..." and she says "no, youre better off buying a bottle of water" (mind you, this water isnt even refrigerated or anything)....and i just say "okay..." then she says " IM JUST TRYING TO DO MY JOB..." and i literally said "what?...." and was like "whatever just give me a venti green tea" WHICH BY THE WAY SUCKED....

anyone who loves me should look at this picture long and hard and NOT go to this girl... because shes really mean.. and seriously, warren was with me and after we left we couldnt stop laughing at how ridiculous that girl was... what did IM JUST TRYING TO DO MY JOB have to do with anything....gahhhh.

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